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Another one that I’m probably not going to use this week, from #rust-internals

11:51 < eddyb> aturon: well, doener is investigating some Drop Ex Machina that also makes the type "own managed"


Somebody say something funny this week.


Fear not, this is Rust, not some scruffy loosely-typed, garbage-collected, non-blocking language!

Andrew Hobden, Getting Acquainted with MIO


nrc | If we had a Rust equivalent of JSON
nrc | we should have a basic version and call it brson!

Nick Cameron - #rust-internals


Thank you! Keep 'em coming!


Two days until the next TWiR!


qdwang | so I use HashMap<Vec<Rc<SomeStruct>>, u32> to detect a Vec<Rc<SomeStruct> index

qdwang - #rust

I have no idea what he is trying to do

Also note that he seemed to think that this was an improvement over HashSet<Rc<ComplexStruct>>


-*- jdm shivers
<jdm> I want my furnace to start working again
<jgraham> Somehow the word “furnace” makes me feel like jdm is actually Saurman building an Orc army. Which I suppose is one alternative to GSoC :wink:


Lies! That was 3 days ago! :slight_smile:


“earth and mars are Planets, they are not Rcs.”
-@huon, 8th March 2015 (Source)


Oh, how could I forget

Rust doesn’t have GC
Rust doesn’t have GC
Rust doesn’t have GC
Rust doesn’t have GC
Rust doesn’t have GC
Rust doesn’t have GC
Rust doesn’t have GC
Rust doesn’t have GC

  • Steve Klabnik’s eternal nightmare-scape crusade


wait when/where was this?


Everywhere. Everyday. :slight_smile:


stackoverflow, @shepmaster: This would be a good example of what Rust helps prevent, but you’ve
deliberately turned off the safety checks, and now we are back to C.


23:12 < chickensalad> steveklabnik: you should get free gyros for life, funded by the rust community


< reem> I’m quite interested in discovering this HTTP/2 library, but I can’t bring myself to read four paragraphs of small caps

(with regard to /r/rust’s moving CSS-enabled tribute to Terry Pratchett)


Thanks for bringing the quotes again this week!


kmc: “Rust follows semver. The major version number is the 160-bit integer corresponding to the object ID of the head git commit on master.”


<Savago> I have the gut feeling that some of this crazyness could be fixed if ImageCache went through an overhaul.
<Ms2ger> Congratulations! You own the image cache now


The motto of pretty much every “web” technology should be: “It seemed like a good idea at the time”

That, or “For legacy reasons”

From a /r/rust thread on html5ever.