[TWiR] Call for Participation



Now that the release of ggez 0.4 is nigh, we dearly would like people to just run the examples on different platforms and make sure they work properly, as well as making sure the build documents for every platform are correct. Problems can be reported on the issue tracker!


I’d suggest to create an issue to which we can link to (and where discussions may take place by interested to-be contributors). This could even be a meta-issue which may link to other issues specific to each platform.


Here are some simple and (I think) interesting issues in https://github.com/gluon-lang/gluon

Full list https://github.com/gluon-lang/gluon/issues?q=is%3Aissue+is%3Aopen+label%3A"help+wanted"



Here’s another one from mdbook. It’s a bit more complex than the previous batch but I’m planning on mentoring anyone who wants to have a go at it.



Myself and the rest of my dev team could really use a hand with quite a LOT of things on the Aardwolf project. But I just created a new issue that might be good for a beginner. Basically I haven’t had enough time to fully understand the way that Rocket routes to web templates, and I would LOVE to have a proper UI to demo :smiley:

Something more advanced would be the related repo for ActivityStreams implementation in Rust (https://github.com/jfmcbrayer/activitystreams) but to be polite I will have to ask my dev if I can create a “help wanted” issue first hahah :smiley:


Looking for some more eyes on miniz_oxide as it’s starting to see some use as a back-end for flate2.
This may be a nice starting point for new contributors, but other help is welcome as well: