[TWiR] Call for Participation

A great place for people to contribute a little or lot for hyper, a meta task with many easy small tasks listed out:

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Hi all :wave:,

Some issues available for r3bl_tuify crate:

Thanks! :blush::crab::sunflower:

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Hi there :wave: We have good first issues at Ockam that we could use your help with:


Hi all :slight_smile:

Some issues available for DeepCausality. DeepCausality is a hyper-geometric computational causality library. While this crate may look daunting at first, we have some easy beginner friendly tasks open:

  • Increase Test Coverage #104
  • Polish documentation #71

Thank you .

Hi all!

If people are interested in contributing to a networking library or want to get an insight into a larger Rust workspace, we'd have some easier issues to tackle over at rust-libp2p:

Thank you!

Here are a few documentation items for the time crate:

Documentation isn't my strong suit, so having others provide the basics would be super useful!


Hey, we have a lot of issues for community contributors, here are some of them:


Here are some more issues of varying difficulty that are well-suited for external contributors: