[TWiR] Call for Participation

Hi everyone!

Thank you for including us last week! We had a great response to the call.
Could we have the following new issues included in this week's call for participation?

  1. Rename ockam tcp-listener create clap command argument to --at <NODE> and <ADDRESS>
  2. Implement ockam secure-channel-listener list command
  3. Rename ockam forwarder create clap command arguments to --at <NODE> and --for <NODE>

These issues are beginner friendly and we love helping new contributors.

Thank you.

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Hi everyone,

We've got some new beginner issues at mirrord that we'd love some help with:


Hey all,

mirrord has a few new first-timer issues this week:


Hey all :wave:

Thank you for including us last week!
Could we have the following beginner friendly issues included in this week's call for participation?

Thank you!

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How can I start contributing to the RUST open source projects. I'm using RUSTLANG since year 2018 for my personal hobby projects.

Please guide me step by step.

Anjani Maurya

If you want to start contributing to Rust, I would suggest reading Contributing to Rust in the rustc dev guide:

I doubt anyone will be able to give you step-by-step instructions because your contribution journey will depend on your interests, desired level of committment, and experience levels. That said, the document I linked to does contain guides for creating bugfixes or adding features to the language.

You could also look through the Rust issue tracker for anything tagged E-easy.

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Hey everyone,

We've working on improving build times over at mirrord and have got some new issues in that area:



Hi everyone :wave:

Here are a couple of Ockam issues for this week's call:

  1. Add syntax highlighting to examples in ockam clap command help using syntect
  2. Add examples section to ockam tcp-inlet create command's help
  3. Make ockam node delete --all --force command more forceful

Thank you for including us.

Hi fellow Rusticians,
Space-craft is looking for people to join its core project (called space-craft :stuck_out_tongue: ) - it is an open source game mostly written in rust. I'm the sole maintainer of the project as of now, but haven't had the time or the people to move the project away from amytheyst - the ideas and the concepts for the project are all mentioned in the main page here: GitHub - AthulMuralidhar/spacecraft please take a look and help :slight_smile:

Hi all,

Ogma has a straightforward issue: [TASK] Alter `Expecting` enum to be a bitflag · Issue #168 · kdr-aus/ogma · GitHub


Artichoke Ruby is looking to add WASI support to a filesystem helper crate: Add `wasi` platform support to `scolapasta-path` · Issue #2111 · artichoke/artichoke · GitHub

Hello everyone,
A month ago I released the blaze-rs project, an high-level OpenCL library for Rust (the project is still in development, and is not production ready).

While testing the library myself, I've encountered a major bug breaks thread safety, and none of the solutions I've found convince me. For a more detailed explanation of the problem, you can check the
'Fixing the lost references issue' issue tracker, where you can also contribute any ideas you may have. Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi everyone :wave:

I've announced my new Rust project recently: tool-sync.

And it already has a couple of beginner-friendly and low-hanging fruits issues for contributors :hugs: :heart:

For instance:

Check out other issues with the good first issue label as well!

Happy coding everyone :gift_heart: :computer:

Hi all :wave:

We would love to have the following beginner friendly issues included in this week's call for participation :pray:

  1. Improve output of ockam secure-channel list clap command for formatting, color, and json
  2. Rename --node argument of ockam secure-channel list clap command to --at
  3. Improve output of ockam tcp-connection create command for formatting, color, and json

Thank you!

Hi everyone :wave:

Here are a couple of Ockam issues for this week's call:

Thank you for including us.

The lib3mf crate is currently having some issues compiling the upstream C++ library on Windows.

This doesn't require writing any unsafe or other advanced code, so it would be a good issue for someone with experience using CMake to build C++ on Windows.

Hi folks,

Artichoke Ruby is looking to migrate more path helpers out of its monolith into a support crate. There's some design work in here to decide whether the implicated code is even the right thing.

The diesel project looks for help setting up a CI job for one of it's dependencies: Setup a CI · Issue #42 · sgrif/pq-sys · GitHub

Hello everyone,
It's hacktoberfest and I want to share a few issues that are good first issues surrounding the AeroRust community that will greatly help us out and a good way for new contributors to join in:

We also want to improve the onboarding for the community, something we have been lacking for the past 3 years, so anyone interested in creating a good process, a starting point, for anyone that joins or has been around and wants to contribute, reach out to me.

Thank you in advance!