[TWiR] Call for Participation

Hey folks,

I recently published Little Raft, a small Raft library that let's you run your own distributed state machine. There are a few open tasks that I listed in the issue tracker, ranging from simple newcomer stuff to actually implementing some optimization suggestions from the original Raft paper.

New contributors are super welcome. Every issue is annotated and labeled: https://github.com/andreev-io/little-raft/issues.

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Hey people,

Would it be possible to add this issue on roaring-rs - fast and efficient operations on bunch of integers, designed by Daniel Lemire. https://github.com/RoaringBitmap/roaring-rs/issues/113.

Thank you very much for the hard work you do,
Waiting impatiently for the next TWIR :unicorn:

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Good morning!

This week Ockam has two fun projects that we are looking for help with:

  1. Ockam Vault for AWS (KMS/HSM) in Rust
  2. TCP Transport using smoltcp


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Hi folks! We have another mentored issue for folks wanting to contribute to synth (an open source Rust-built test data generator):

Happy Wednesday!

This week we have two good starter projects around building applications using Ockam libraries:

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Hey folks! Here are some issues from the jsonschema crate :slight_smile:

Some of them will help to bring JSON Schema 2019-09 & 2020-12 support, which is much desired by the users :slight_smile:
I'd be happy to provide mentoring from my side

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I could use help adding more data to caniuse.rs:


The Cargo Team are using E-* labels to mark things we want help with, this week month we added:

Cargo should warn when "include" doesn't match any files, or filters files from parent directories
Don't do a full scan on first build
"failed to determine package fingerprint for build script" caused by a symlink pointing to an unreadable directory
cargo:rustc-link-args not applied to doctest builds
Failure to resolve a package name when used together with other packages
Cargo gets lost in the root of a Linux filesystem
cargo metadata doesn't indicate that feature-enabled transitive platform-specific deps are platform-specific

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Here are some concrete and actionable ones open in ockam-network/ockam

(Edit: sorry, this should have been a reply to the thread, not to Eh2406's comment)


Hi folks! Ockam has a few Issues we're looking for help with:


I recently made a new project called paccat. It's a simple tool to print files from pacman packages.

As it's a new project there's plenty of issues open and features to implement. Most of them are quite easy and labelled with "good first issue". The rest are a little more involved but should still be rather straight forward.

Do note this project links to ALPM (archlinux package management library) and as such requires pacman to be installed to run. So this is rather limited to arch users (or people adventurous enough to build pacman on their distro).

Current open issues are:

I am happy to mentor and walk people through implementing these.


Hi all, Ockam has a few more that would be good to get help with.

We're of course happy to mentor people through these.


Create a better and faster orchestration tool for containerized (docker/youki) for now just docker applications.
GitHub - vsilent/stackdog: Docker Container Management with Rust. You are very welcome!

If somebody is interested in helping with this issue, there is something to learn from the artistic side (Blender users) as well as from the programming side (Rust coders).

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Hi there, the ogma project has a good first issue implementing a filter command across a string type: Implement `filter` on `Str` input type · Issue #16 · kdr-aus/ogma · GitHub

It will also require this task to be done: Implement `From<char` for `Str` · Issue #2 · kdr-aus/divvy · GitHub

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Ockam has a few issues that would work for new contributors:

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Hi, ockam again :sweat_smile:. Here are some (slightly more newbie-friendly) issues about cleaning up and moving around imports/exports in our crates.

The help would be appreciated.

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Here are a couple issues from Ockam, one about improving cryptographic hygiene, and another fixing a minor inconsistency.

Want to make sure what I've done here is okay


Here are a few issues from Artichoke Ruby for implementing shrink_to on several types now that these APIs were stabilized in Rust 1.56.0:

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