[TWiR] Call for Participation

Got a refactoring issue that shouldn't be too hard in heck:

The js_int crate also has some easy issues to fix:

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rust design pattern book - good first issues: Issues · rust-unofficial/patterns · GitHub

Lint duplicate dependencies and more with guppy - Create test to catch duplicate dependencies · Issue #1582 · ZcashFoundation/zebra · GitHub

Hi, I'm trying to reboot development on the Rust rewrite of Magic Wormhole. There are a lot of low-hanging fruits right now and I'll provide support with implementing them. Issues are tagged accordingly: Issues · magic-wormhole/magic-wormhole.rs · GitHub

If there's something I can do to become more contributor-friendly, let me know :slight_smile:

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[netstack3] Add reference counted HashMap

[netstack3] Verify behavior when attempting to forward IPv6 packets w/ forwarding disabled

[netstack3] Do not forward loopback addresses

[netstack3] Split IpProto into Ipv4Proto and Ipv6NextHeader

[netstack3] Send gratuitous ARP when a device is brought up

[netstack3] Figure out whether there's anything we need to do if we receive a malformed Ethernet frame

[netstack3] Figure out whether there's anything we need to do if we receive an unrecognized EtherType

[netstack3] Fuzz parsers and serializers

[netstack3] ARP: Add tests for ARP on a broadcast medium

[netstack3] Should we respond to inbound ICMP echo replies without sockets with a port unreachable error?

[netstack3] Make sure we properly handle unrecognized IPv6 next header values

[netstack3] Migrate all transport protocols to trait associated types

[netstack3] Implement InterfaceIndexToName and InterfaceNameToIndex

[netstack3] Deduplicate IGMP and MLD

Rust Berlin is searching for co-organisers with intent to mentor newcomers!

[netstack3] ARP: Add tests for ARP on a broadcast medium

[netstack3] Migrate all transport protocols to trait associated types

[netstack3] Split IpProto into Ipv4Proto and Ipv6NextHeader

[net-types] Add common prefix length calculation for IP addresses

[netstack3] Make sure ICMP messages are not sent in response to non-initial fragment packets

[internet-checksum] Clarify documentation around odd byte lengths

[netstack3] IP fragment reassembly vulnerable to FragmentSmack

[netstack3] Support stable interface IDs

[Starlight] Support for "unsafe" cases of finally

optimize macro expansion in rust-analyzer

We have a benchmark which you can run with a single command, and which runs in 2 seconds today. It uesed to run in 1 second before we switch to a different (more rustc compliant) implementation of macro-by-example. Pushing that benchmark back to bellow 1 second would have a sizable impact on ra performance, and doesn't require deep understanding of rust-analyzer's internals.

Hey, would it be possible to link this pull request on Roaring, I would like a review!


Thank you very much!

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Hello all :slight_smile:
The jsonschema crate is looking for contributors :slight_smile:
I will be happy to help with onboarding and provide details & mentorship.
Here is an issue to start with - Support for user-defined formats

Thank you!

Here's an mostly done PR that should be pretty easy to get finished: Add -P --stats · Issue #357 · Morganamilo/paru · GitHub

Note: paru links against libalpm so only runs on Archlinux and other distros using pacman.

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I have a very new library called advent_of_code_traits and I'd love to have contributors :slight_smile:
Here's my highlighted issue. But there is a lot to do while the library is young. It is very beginner friendly. I will be publishing an initial version to crates.io soon, but there are lots of breaking changes coming.

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We have a compression library, called compress-tools, that is facing static linking issue on Windows. We'd love to get some help from someone more versed in Windows (and vcpkg) to assist on how to fix this.

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We have a networking library/protocol called Backroll-rs that we would LOVE to have more developers working on. You can find more information about this project here! https://www.reddit.com/r/rust/comments/npnl1p/help_wanted_with_backrollrs_new_networking_library/


It's been some time since I posted here, and the "help wanted" issues on Ruma have been accumulating! Most are not super hard, but also not E-easy material:

"help wanted" issues on ruma/ruma

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The Cargo Team are using E-* labels to mark things we want help with, this week we added:

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boa, the JS interpreter, has a few good first issue's, Issues · boa-dev/boa · GitHub