[TWiR] Call for Participation

Just, which is a make-like command runner, could use help implementing Rust-like attributes:

I am very happy to mentor and provide guidance.

A whole bunch of other features are gated on adding attributes, so this would be a much appreciated and high-impact contribution.

This would be a great first issue for something who's interested in compilers.

Hi there. I'd like to add my project, kanidm to the call for participation. This is a identity management server, akin to LDAP or AzureAD, which is fully developed in Rust. It's still in Alpha, but it has a lot of really interesting areas of development from concurrent datastructures, databases, human interaction and more. Thanks!


We're asking for people to add PowerPC64 to Rust's new asm! inline assembly macro.

We're using inline assembly for the software we are writing for our Libre-licensed PowerPC CPU/GPU, which we also are including in the call for participation.

Libre-SOC is providing €400 of funding for implementing inline assembly (via donation from NLNet).
Funding available for other tasks too.


Hello, TWiR, please help to add my project - TensorBase to "call for participation". TensorBase is building a modern bigdata warehouse in Rust, which has demonstrated its top performance even in current initial stage thanks to the Rust ecosystem and its design. Now, it is hoped to invite more interesting rusteans to join in the effort.

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I've added a help wanted label for a bunch of Ruma issues:

Issues labeled help wanted in ruma/ruma

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Hi, we have a bunch of issues with the "Help Wanted" tag on Rusty Celery:

Some more good first issues (with mentoring) in Gooseberry:

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There are some issues/new-features in diskonaut that could use help. I'd be happy to mentor for any of them:

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Let's throw a couple out there for Hacktoberfest! Nothing urgent, just things that would be nice to have.

time-rs/time#256 should not be difficult at all, just a bit tedious to do it for all fields of all types.

time-rs/time#249 should be quite easy, as it mostly involves checking for the existence of an alloc or std import.

I'm fairly certain some minor details in documentation are out of date as well, which would almost certainly be the easiest PR if you can find anything incorrect!

Drop any questions on the relevant issue. I'm more than happy to help people out!

To the people who maintain TWIR: feel free to include this throughout October so long as the issues are open.

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I'll add another for Hacktober! Also nothing that urgent; a hard-but-interesting problem that someone who's into regex might want to look into:

RustPython/RustPython#2258 - implement the _sre Python module in Rust

Feel free to keep this in for the month, as long as TWIR doesn't get overloaded with CfPs :slight_smile:

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the-way has some beginner issues:

Happy to mentor!

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Would it be possible to add this issue about heed on the next TWIR blog post, please? :slight_smile:

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Unsoundness in the time crate which can cause an unexpected segfault. User who noticed the issue notes that it may be necessary to reimplement this function entirely in Rust, rather than relying on libc. Given that I'm by no means qualified to do this (as I rarely program in C, and never with OS-level APIs), it's probably best for someone else to take this on.

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We need to get this issue going with help some help:

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Could you guys include this issue in the next blog post?

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Would love to see https://github.com/iliekturtles/uom/issues/223 included in the next TWiR.

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It would be great if you could include this list of good first issues in the next TWiR: https://github.com/AaronErhardt/Triox/labels/good first issue

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I'm not entirely sure this fits the Call for Participation, but I figured I'd throw this out there as some people have suggested I do so.

I am currently attempting to add support for the Windows OpenSSH ssh-agent to libssh2, the SSH library used by many Rust programs, including Cargo. My end goal is to support the Windows OpenSSH ssh-agent in Cargo. The main blocker right now to merging support is the maintainers' lack of knowledge and experience with Windows preventing them from comfortably reviewing the code.

I would ask anyone with experience programing on Windows in C to take a look at this PR, and leave a code review. I would deem this a easy to medium task.


Hi !

I'd like to call for contributions for scaphandre, a power consumption measurement agent to help find "energy blackholes" in tech projects and thus make IT more sustainable. :deciduous_tree:

The why of the project is better described here.


New contributors would be of great help. There are several improvements and tasks to be achieved that can be found in the issue section. Those estimated as easiest are highlighted.

The roadmap is also publicly available. To mention some features that we would like to implement in a near future:

  • Enabling sending power consumption data in monitoring toolchains like Warp10 or Riemann (It's already possible to collect the data from prometheus)

  • Enable tracking power consumption of processes in virtual machines running other hypervisors than Qemu/KVM (there's already a proof of concept for this one, that needs to be improved too :slight_smile: ).

  • Providing a way to estimate power consumptions of virtual machines hosted by cloud providers, when no access to hardware metrics is provided. (a source of inspiration for that particular feature may be cloud-jewels...)

And so on...

:construction_worker_woman: :construction_worker_man: There is a lot of interesting, challenging work to be done. Moreover, this is for a greater cause: to contribute to a more sustainable tech industry and thus help have a better future. Any contribution (not only code) would be celebrated and warmly welcomed. I precise that it is a great deal for us to initiate a community around that project that is kind and respectful to anyone and any effort. The code of conduct of the rust community matches a lot of our values and this project will be respectful of that spirit. Mutual respect and understanding are key values in this project. :dove:

I wish a nice and inspiring open source journey to all the wonderful rust community and I hope to see some of you come and say hi sometime :grinning:

(A Gitter room is available for further discussions.)


I am working on the community space for https://rC3.world and I am looking for someone that would like add a bit of art:

More information is here: rC3 Assembly @ CCC congress


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