[TWiR] Call for Participation

We got a nice issue for simd-json.rs today and I wanted to share it. It is not super hard but has challenging parts (a mini parser) and can be fun to do since results will be directly usable and tackles a few different angles (perf, usability, api design). If someone finds this interesting but isn't sure they are up to it I'll gladly spend some time mentoring.

I have an issue that somebody can work on:

We have some issues in bandwhich that could use some work, some of them bite sized and good for beginners:

Help me port hyper and body-image-futio to async-std so we can run comparative benchmarks, as reported here for tokio:

Implementing a simple derive in SQLx with mentoring instructions from a proc-macro guru (me):

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Working on a Rust implementation of Celery with the goal of being fully compatible with the Python version so that tasks can be sent from Py -> Rust or vice versa.

Any issue marked "Status: Help Wanted" would be a good place to start for newcomers.

Implement function returning the local UTC offset for the time crate

I don't have the necessary knowledge or experience to be able to do this, let alone appropriately. A PR will happily be accepted. I can do the documentation and tests.

Quoting from @XAMPPRocky in https://github.com/rust-lang/rust/issues/29497#issuecomment-573353391:

Someone needs to merge the remove_dir_all code into the standard library. This is a crate that created as a quick workaround for crates from an implementation from #31944 that never got merged. It's been pretty stable over the past few years, and is used in cargo and rustup.

Since creating the crate, I no longer have a Windows machine. As a result I do not intend to maintain the crate. It would be great if someone could port the code into std so that everyone can have a reliable implementation on windows. :slight_smile:

If I had a Windows machine, I may try that issue.