[TWiR] Call for Participation


auto_impl has a few issues for beginners interested in working with the new proc macro API. With the crate auto_impl, you can easily implement your trait for certain “wrapper types” (e.g. &T where T: YourTrait).

We’d love to get more people involved! I’d be glad to mentor anyone interested in helping out.

Link to issue tracker with E-easy filter. I’m not sure if it’s preferred to post single issue on TWiR. In that case, here are the four links:

I also posted this on Reddit.

CC @KodrAus


I might as well take advantage of this call for participation stuff, so…


Crater now has a contributing guide and a few issues with mentoring instructions!


Quinn has some good first issues, listed here:


I’m looking for someone to update the parser in macro_railroad, the syntax-diagram generator for macro_rules!()-syntax, to syn-0.15 (from 0.14). There are some bugs in the current parser which we also never got around to fixing. Tracking issue is here.


The imag project is looking for contributors:

Feel free to PM me here, mail via the mailinglist or send a direct mail if you have any questions!


Hiya, I’d like some help on implementing serialization of enums using the externally tagged representation for the TOML crate.

toml-rs/issues/225 has the background, and toml-rs/pull/267 is where I got to (but have to redirect my efforts due to time constraints)

Thank you :bowing_man: