[TWiR] Call for Participation


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Perceptia is dynamic window manager with support for Wayland. It is young so I guess it is the most exiting time to become a contributor. Here are couple of example issues suitable for new-commers (many more interesting ones wait on github):

Offscreen mode with VNC or Spice would be nice feature to have. Is someone working in support for these protocols in Rust?

I filed a lot of issues in lyon’s repository, a lot of which are labelled “help wanted” and most of them are easy. I’ll be happy to mentor them.

Right now, bindgen generates unstable Rust code by default. That’s the wrong choice for a default, it should generate stable Rust code by default.

Who wants to fix this easy, good-first-bug?

Another default that should change is the way we translate C/C++ enums to Rust:

Right now, bindgen computes some properties of the C/C++ items it is generating bindings for in an ad-hoc way. Example properties we’re computing include whether a struct can derive Debug or if it has a vtable. The ad-hoc approach has proven to be error prone (and I suspect inefficient as well). We now have infrastructure to do these analyses in a more principled way and we’re looking for some help porting them :slight_smile:

Meta issue (has context + discussion): https://github.com/servo/rust-bindgen/issues/536

Issues for porting each computation:

Cheers :smiley_cat:





We’ve recently released PumpkinDB 0.2 and there are a lot of upcoming major improvements; and we’re always looking for contributors interested in this topic. We also maintain a list of “starter” issues, some of which you can find below:



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Rust is in great need of volunteers interested in making a dent in some of the libz blitz crates. There are a bunch of important crates that need to be polished up (like csv, mime, regex, semver, tar, threadpool, toml), but the first step for each is figuring out the the polish to be applied. This task basically amounts to comparing these API guidelines to a given crate, noting where the crate can be improved, and posting to an internals thread for feedback, then finally filing issues and posting them back here to solicit help resolving them.

Imagine the impact you can have by generating and resolving 20 issues against the toml crate!

There are more details about the process in this post. If you are interested but the process looks intimidating, feel free to email me and I can help you get started.

Sorry this doesn’t fit into a one-liner for twir, but I know plenty of people ‘front-run’ this thread, so maybe somebody will see and be interested.

Some cookbook recipes in need of writing:

Also still soliciting recipe ideas for regex, ring, csv, glob, same-file.