[TWiR] Call for Participation

Hi everyone :wave:

There are quite a few open issues on pest if anyone's interested: Issues · pest-parser/pest · GitHub

There are also two issues for the pest's website if anyone's into Wasm (as highlighted on v2.5.0: introducing `pest_debugger` · Discussion #739 · pest-parser/pest · GitHub ):

I'd like to see more testing of impl-tools.

It supports a number of things, including a more flexible #[derive], impl Self syntax, auto trait implementation over generic types, and singleton! { .. }.

There have been some good suggestions (better support for new-type wrappers, better error messages). Keep them coming!

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Hello! Could we have a couple of Ockam issues included in this week's call for participation?

We have more beginner-friendly issues available similar to the two described above.

Thank you!

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Hi again, we have new good first issues at Ockam this week! It would be awesome if they could be included in the newsletter :pray:


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Hello Everyone, I am one of the autors of Meilisearch and I would like to know if it would be possible to ask for help on these four issues?

The diesel project is looking for community contributions to the following issues:

Hello, we have some good first issues at Ockam:

Thanks and have a happy week! :crocodile:

The diesel project is looking for contributions to the following issue:

The Comprehensive Rust :crab: course is looking for contributors for the following issues:

I'll be happy to mentor people on those issues, let us know on the issue tracker :slight_smile:

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Hey everyone :ocean:

Here are a couple of Ockam issues for this week's call:

Thank you for including us!

Warp, a file transfer application based on gtk-rs and magic-wormhole-rs, recently added Windows support and would appreciate some help sanding down a couple of rough edges: Tracking: Windows Issues (#39) · Issues · World / Warp · GitLab
Please reach out, especially if you have any prior experience with Windows software distribution.


A MITM Proxy Written in Rust :crab:! The Ultimate Toolkit for HTTP/1, HTTP/2, and WebSockets with SSL/TLS Capabilities.

Hi folks!

Here are some issues from Ockam:

  1. Create clap command to delete a TCP Outlet on a node
  2. Create clap command to delete a TCP Inlet on a node
  3. Add a Github Action to avoid conflicts in TypeTag ids

Thank you for including our issues!!

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Thank you for help!

Hi everyone,

Here are some good first issues from Ockam:

  1. Remove the disable/enable_check_credential arguments from ockam tcp-outlet create
  2. Remove the disable/enable_check_credential arguments from ockam tcp-inlet create
  3. Update ockam project addon configure influx-db clap command to ockam project addon configure influxdb

Thank you!


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A bit of a stretch asking here, but if anyone has really good knowledge of how type inference works, there's this issue about a regression:

Edit: No need to put this in TWIR! I've gotten a great explanation already.

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I have an open issue on Barricade which is a web based authentication solution.

Add support for OpenID Connect



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