[TWiR] Call for Participation


I’ve done all I can do get Ruby & Rust integrated and working on the Windows OS with Rutie and I need your help to get an issue resolved.


macro_railroad is looking for a contributor in the underlying syntax-diagram library: Most macros’ syntax runs wide horizontally, making the resulting diagram hard to read on small screens. We can easily mitigate this in the underlying presentation layer by overflowing long-running Sequences into Stacks. The required primitives are basically already in place.

Tracking issue here


swc is a project to make web development faster. It transcompiles new-generation javascript to old-generation javascript.

I’ve implemented basical parts like parsing and code generation. But it requires much more work.

For demonstration, it works like

issue tracker


I’m planning to start the work on Tera 1.0 but time is limited.

The main thing I would like help with is converting error handling from error-chain to standard Error: https://github.com/Keats/tera/issues/297





cargo tarpaulin is looking for any assistance in adding OSX support (issue). A lot of work has been done but debugging via travis is difficult.


I need help in loading functions from static linked libraries


The content-security-policy spec is long. Implementing it and testing it takes all day just translating stuff from English to Rust; I figure many hands makes light work, if anyone’s interested in working on a small corner of Servo and Ammonia.




Tetra seems to run pretty well on Windows and Linux (or rather, there’s at least one person who’s got it working!), but Mac users are consistently getting black screens. I don’t have access to a Mac myself, so it’s not something I can debug easily…

If anyone with knowledge of OpenGL on Mac could have a poke around, their help would be much appreciated :slight_smile:



As the library becomes more popular, does someones wanna to review the code and provide some feedbacks, improvements and best writing to maintain it.
It can be also a good start point to contribute to it too.


Crater needs this little feature to be implemented: it’s not difficult and there are mentoring instructions available.



I’ve created a number of issues for the Rust port of flamegraph, inferno, and am also happy to shepherd/mentor PRs (we’ve even had some already!). The initial code was also developed through a video series (part 1, part 2), which might be useful for people who want to contribute and really understand how it all fits together.



Tarpaulin/coveralls-api crates need help testing a new coveralls feature to create better reports using your CI environment variables. Looking for people who use things other than travis to help test https://github.com/xd009642/tarpaulin/issues/213