[TWiR] Call for Participation


Clippy has a lot of good first issues and it can be a bit tough to find a specific one to work on. So here is the one I started with a few months ago.

Essentially it’s moving around bits of test code to improve the test output and avoiding to break any tests. It’s a good way to familiarize yourself with the clippy codebase, UI tests and also helps all the other contributors. The issue has some referenced PRs that you can take a look at. If that’s not enough you are always welcome to ask for help.


cargo-tarpaulin has a number of issues, I’m hoping I could get some help on this one #23 which I’m going to say is hard. The issue might actually require an PR in rustc as it’s to do with linking position independent code - this comment sums up the current thoughts best of all https://github.com/xd009642/tarpaulin/issues/23#issuecomment-329067018 .

Currently, most of the important issues involve DWARF/ELF assembly or ptrace intrinsics so they’re medium to hard. I’m willing to mentor anyone looking to get involved.


gfx-rs has got a few small tasks for improving our Metal backend (on OSX):

P.S. this thread hasn’t been updated for the past 19 days, so where do the items in TWiR came from?..


Most were repeated from last week, and one came in a pr - https://github.com/cmr/this-week-in-rust/pull/634


I would like to re-advertise the rustc-guide again (the text from https://this-week-in-rust.org/blog/2018/04/17/this-week-in-rust-230/ looks good). Thanks!


Same this week please! Thanks again :slight_smile:


annotate-snippets - a crate for code snippets visual annotations (think: rustc error display) released 0.1 and is looking for code review, testing and feedback.


wasm-pack has several open good first issues and help wanted bugs and feature requests available to new contributors!


I would like to call some attention to https://github.com/rust-lang-nursery/rustc-guide/issues/89 (Codegen: LLVM IR, Monomorphization, Codegen Units, Partitioning, Symbol Linkage and Visibility) which remains one of the biggest gaps in the rustc-guide today.

Thanks again!


I should note that that issue probably requires a lot of digging/learning because I don’t know anything really.


Now that ring has ECDSA signing, it would be nice to add it jsonwebtoken: https://github.com/Keats/jsonwebtoken/issues/21

This should be fairly straightforward and self-contained to the crypto.rs file.


A little issue to get one’s feet wet:


The language-rust project (Rust syntax highlighting) could need some assistance.

It’s an npm / Atom package I started from scratch several years ago and quite widely used (Atom, VSCode, GitHub, many others). I think it’s generally in good shape. There are some minor bugs (e.g. with nested generic parameters) and some missing features (e.g. no async/await syntax support yet), but nothing really bad. Unfortunately, I’m not a JS expert and especially with more special cases I’m lacking time and JS or npm (or Atom) knowledge for having answers to every issue.

Also, Rust is gaining popularity and so more people come to discuss things. Often people come from other languages or IDEs and sometimes complain about the editor switching to recommended settings (4 spaces, 99 chars), or not having enough snippets. I feel like some presence of the Rust community there would be nice so that there are more balanced opinions on these topics. Some help with PR reviews (most people sadly submit PRs without tests) would be nice too.


The intl_pluralrules crate is seeking review.

intl_pluralrules is a low level API which enables many higher level internationalization and localization APIs. You can read more about it in the introduction blog post.

Since the library will be used in many performance-critical places (first paint path for multilingual software) and we have full control over how we generate and store the plural rules, we’d like to focus on maximizing the performance and minimizing the memory footprint of the library.

For that we’re seeking advice and review from members of the community experienced in the topic.


auto_impl has a few issues for beginners interested in working with the new proc macro API. With the crate auto_impl, you can easily implement your trait for certain “wrapper types” (e.g. &T where T: YourTrait).

We’d love to get more people involved! I’d be glad to mentor anyone interested in helping out.

Link to issue tracker with E-easy filter. I’m not sure if it’s preferred to post single issue on TWiR. In that case, here are the four links:

I also posted this on Reddit.

CC @KodrAus


I might as well take advantage of this call for participation stuff, so…


Crater now has a contributing guide and a few issues with mentoring instructions!


Quinn has some good first issues, listed here:


I’m looking for someone to update the parser in macro_railroad, the syntax-diagram generator for macro_rules!()-syntax, to syn-0.15 (from 0.14). There are some bugs in the current parser which we also never got around to fixing. Tracking issue is here.


The imag project is looking for contributors:

Feel free to PM me here, mail via the mailinglist or send a direct mail if you have any questions!