Trying to use Traits constraints (with tower) correctly?

Hi, having some lack of understanding on traits constraints

use std::future::Future;
use std::pin::Pin;
use tower::filter::{AsyncPredicate, AsyncFilterLayer};
use tower::{BoxError, Service, ServiceBuilder, ServiceExt};

#[derive(Debug, Clone)]
struct MyFilterPredicate { val: u32, }

impl AsyncPredicate<u32> for MyFilterPredicate {
    type Future = Pin<Box<dyn Future<Output=Result<Self::Request, BoxError>>>>;
    type Request = u32;

    fn check(&mut self, request: u32) -> Self::Future {
        Box::pin( async move { Ok(request) })

pub struct Builder<U> { predicate: U, }

impl<U> Builder<U>
    pub fn new(predicate: U) -> Self { Self { predicate } }

    pub fn build(&mut self ) -> impl Service<u32, Response=u32, Error=BoxError> + '_
    where U: Clone + AsyncPredicate<u32>
        //  (A) - This compiles nicely
        let filter_layer = AsyncFilterLayer::new( MyFilterPredicate{ val: 3});

        //  (B) - This will not compile and generates the errors below
        let filter_layer = AsyncFilterLayer::new( self.predicate.clone() );

        let mut svc = ServiceBuilder::new();
        let mut svc = svc.layer(filter_layer);
        let svc = svc.service_fn(dummy);

async fn dummy(req: u32) -> Result<u32, BoxError> { Ok(req) }
error[E0631]: type mismatch in function arguments
  --> src/
30 |     pub fn build(&mut self ) -> impl Service<u32, Response=Result<u32, BoxError>, Error=BoxError> + '_
   |                                 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ expected signature of `fn(<U as AsyncPredicate<u32>>::Request) -> _`
44 | async fn dummy(req: u32) -> Result<u32, BoxError> {
   | ------------------------------------------------- found signature of `fn(u32) -> _`
   = note: required because of the requirements on the impl of `Service<<U as AsyncPredicate<u32>>::Request>` for `ServiceFn<fn(u32) -> impl std::future::Future {dummy}>`
   = note: 1 redundant requirements hidden
   = note: required because of the requirements on the impl of `Service<u32>` for `AsyncFilter<ServiceFn<fn(u32) -> impl std::future::Future {dummy}>, U>`

there are two variants of the filter_layer -
(A) by directly constructing MyFilterPredicate and compiles nicely,
(B) uses the member of Builder (predicate: U) and doesn't compiles.
I think both should be equivalent, since in the fn build() i added the trait constraints?
Obviously, i don't understand something or i am missing something. What is the difference and why does (B) not compile?

You’re missing the specification of the “Request” type in your trait bounds.

The compiler knows that MyFilterPredicate::Request is u32, that’s why (A) works.

It complains about a mismatch between

fn(<U as AsyncPredicate<u32>>::Request) -> _


fn(u32) -> _

The problem is: It doesn’t know if U::Request is u32 or something else.

You can fix the problem by changing the trait bound

U: Clone + AsyncPredicate<u32>


U: Clone + AsyncPredicate<u32, Request = u32>

thus requiring that U::Request is u32, too, making (B) work as-well.

Hi steffahn,

Thanks, it compiles. What sort of clue do you look for with this sort of errors?


As I’ve explained, the error message mentions

in its error message

error[…]: type mismatch […]
expected signature of `fn(<U as AsyncPredicate<u32>>::Request) -> _`
found signature of `fn(u32) -> _`

This type mismatch can clearly be resolved if <U as AsyncPredicate<u32>>::Request and u32 were the same type.

But <U as AsyncPredicate<u32>>::Request is determined by the AsyncPredicate<u32> implementation of U, then looking at your bound

U: Clone + AsyncPredicate<u32>

it becomes clear that the Request type is not further specified. Which explains the type mismatch, and how to fix it.

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