Trying to read Ethereum Blockchain

Hey folks,

I'm new to rust and programming. Does anyone have suggestions for learning about how to read pre-existing LevelDB files, specifically the Ethereum blockchain?

I could use a tool like ethereum-etl to export blocks into a csv for my project, but I thought it might be fun to figure out how to do it myself using rust.

I ran geth and have what I think are the blocks saved in a folder full of .ldb files like 1056705.ldb, which I think are LevelDB files. After searching online a bit I saw that people are using rocksdb with LevelDB databases, but didn't see much in the documentation to help me read the entirety of a file.

I'm curious whether anyone has experience with these .ldb files and might be able to point me to some good learning resources.

Well, if you'd ask me, part of the fun is discovering resources and references on your own. Of course what is fun differs from people to people.

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