Trying to debug Rust on VSCode, unnamed symbols and no variables

I'm trying to debug with LLDB on VSCode. I added a breakpoint into my library, it stops on the breakpoint but I get a call stack with unnamed symbols and I can't see any variables:

This is an example from the library, which I built with cargo build --example my_example_name. I researched and to build in release mode, --release should be added. So I think I built in debug mode.

I'd guess the library is being built somehow in release mode. How can I check this?

If someone wants to check which project I'm building: GitHub - lattice0/smoltcp at ip-interface (and the built example is smoltcp/ at ip-interface · lattice0/smoltcp · GitHub)

If I put the breakpoint in the example file itself, then the symbol appear when the breakpoint happens.

When I put the breakpoint in the library used by the example, then no symbols appear when the breakpoint happens.

Is it possible that cargo build --example my_example build the example in debug mode but the library in release mode?

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