Trying to build a downloadable web app with sqlite backend

Hello, I am working on a project that queries and pulls data from an existing SQLite file and presents it as html. It needs to work offline, and I was reading about progressive web apps and their ability to be downloaded to mobile devices. This would be ideal for this project, but I’m not sure where to begin.

I would PREFER to use Rust and Web Assembly to create this app, but I keep running into errors when trying to compile any of the existing SQLite libraries with a .wasm target. In addition I’m not sure how to go about packaging it as a downloadable web app. I seem to have hit a wall here and would welcome any direction over, under, around or through it.

Thank you.

If you use sqlite , then you would use C + rust + web assembly.
So as the first step you need compile sqlite for web assembly,
and then point ruqslite or another Rust wrapper for sqlite where take compiled version of sqlite.