`trust` - a Travis CI + AppVeyor template to test your crate on 5 architectures and publish binary releases of it for Linux, macOS and Windows

Happy new year :tada:, Rustaceans!

To complement the cross tool I announced last week, today I present you: trust, a CI template built on top of cross. With it you can test your (library or binary) crates on, and publish binary releases of your binary crates for:

  • The 3 major OSes: Linux, macOS, Windows

  • 5 different architectures. Don't stop at x86! Rust also supports ARM, MIPS, PowerPC and SystemZ.

  • A total of 20 "targets"

Use this template to make your applications easily available on more systems!

Sidenote: Some of you may have seen / used my other (older) CI template: rust-everywhere. If you are using that template, I encourage to switch to trust!

The biggest difference between the two is that trust supports way more targets and can actually test Rust code on almost all of those targets. All this is possible because trust uses Docker (when targeting Linux) under the hood so we have total control over the "environment" against which the Rust code is built. cross hides all the Docker stuff though so you, the user, only have to deal with a CLI that works exactly the same as Cargo: cross build and cross test.


Very excited for this! Awesome!

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Way cool man!

The number of awesome things you are doing in the rust ecosystem and community is just amazing. My hat is off to you.