[travis-cargo] status and future


The travis-cargo script seems to be unmaintained. I find it very useful but some things have broken over time (e.g. coverall support) and some things could be improved (sanitizer support, fuzzers, better diagnostics when things with travis break), better docs, …

@nagisa suggested that a way to move forward could be to fork it, and e.g., make a rust-travis github org, so that those interested can maintained, and we don’t run in the “the developer was hit by an apple bus” again.

So… I could help maintain it, but won’t do that unless I find a group of other ~3-5 maintainers that can review PRs and help with the issues and stuff.

Would anybody be interested in helping with it?


I’m not sure if it is better maintained or feature compatible, but there is also a rust version at https://github.com/roblabla/cargo-travis/


https://github.com/rust-unofficial exists for taking over such projects


I’m planning on keeping up with maintenance as possible. It currently only supports coverage and coveralls subcommands of cargo travis, but PRs welcome to add more features.

EDIT: Note that I’m completely open to moving my repository to an org with more contributors.


Nice to hear, I’ll see if I can switch to cargo-travis instead, and if there is anything extra I need I’ll hack on it and ping you on github.