Transitivity issues in crate renaming in private registry


I have a weird problem when using crate renaming in a project ("multi-bars") that is used as a dependency of a bigger one.

In multi-bars/Cargo.toml I have

bar7 = { version = "7", registry = "private", package = "bar" }

and everything works fine (I can compile and publish multi-bars, since bar v7 is available)

But in the project foo that uses multi-bars:

multi-bars = { version = "0.1.1", registry = "private" }

cargo cannot figure out the dependency tree :

$ cargo version
cargo 1.59.0 (49d8809dc 2022-02-10)

$ cargo tree
    Updating index
    Updating `private` index
error: no matching package named `bar7` found
location searched: registry `private`
required by package `multi_bars v0.1.1 (registry `private`)`
    ... which satisfies dependency `multi-bars = "^0.1.1"` of package `foo v3.1.2 (/path/to/foo)`

I don't understand why cargo can't figure out the dependency I want to use. Is there something obvious I missed ?

The registry implementation you're using might not have the logic to handle renamed dependencies properly.

I've checked the dependency entry in my registry, and there's definitely an error there but I'm not sure it should have an impact:

      "name": "bar",
      "req": ">=7.1.0, <8.0.0",
      "features": [],
      "optional": false,
      "default_features": true,
      "target": null,
      "kind": "normal",
      "registry": null,
      "package": "bar7"

From looking at the Cargo book it seems the package key should be a explicit_name_in_toml key, but anyway, cargo should use the name to search for the package right ?

I got it wrong, the Cargo book extract I looked at was the payload used in publish, not the expected format at rest, so there's indeed an issue in my registry. Sorry for bothering, thanks for rubberducking.

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