Trait implementation syntax

use std::ops::Add;

#[derive(Debug, PartialEq)]
struct Point<T> {
    x: T,
    y: T,

// Notice that the implementation uses the associated type `Output`.
impl<T: Add<Output = T>> Add for Point<T> {
    type Output = Self;

    fn add(self, other: Self) -> Self::Output {
        Self {
            x: self.x + other.x,
            y: self.y + other.y,

I could understand this syntax impl<T: Add<Output = T>> Add for Point<T>

There's another way to write that which might be easier for you to read:

impl<T> Add for Point<T>
    T: Add<Output = T>
    // ...

"For a generic type T, implement Add for Point<T>, but only if T implements Add with the associated Output also being T."


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