`trait Checksumable` VS `impl From<&Foo> for Digest`

This post contains two questions :

Is there a Checksum trait or something like that in standard library, so I can implement my structs with it ?

Second question is doing stuff like impl From<&Foo> for Digest considered a bad practice ? If yes, is there a From or Into analogue which is meant for a factory-like feature instead of conversion ?

Thanks for your help

What should a checksum trait do? There's std::hash::Hash, but it might not be what you want.

Again, without knowing exactly what Digest is, it's hard to give a definitive answer. In general, for direct, infallible conversions, From/Into is used, like impl From<&str> for String; for more constructions (which I assume is what you mean by "factory-like"), dedicated methods are provided, like std::str::from_utf8.

I'd say yes. From/Into are typically lossless conversions between different representations of the same data. Conversion to Digest is lossy, and it's a different kind of data.

Your traits can add methods to existing objects, so you can just add .digest() method to everything.

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