Tracing lock delays with Tracy - implemented for Rust?

Ref: Tracy manual, page 31, "Marking locks".

The Tracy profiling system works well with Rust. The tracy-client crate has the Rust interfaces. But that crate doesn't seem to have an interface to the lock-tracing feature of Tracy. For C++, the Tracy docs suggest replacing

std :: mutex m_lock;


TracyLockable (std :: mutex , m_lock);

but there's no similar function or macro in Rust's tracy_client. Is there some way to do this in Rust?

(Use case: locking bottlenecks in Wgpu.)

Lock/unlock is a fundamental component of Mutex, do you have a more specific example or reproducible code?

The point here is that Tracy has a function in C++ which is not available in the Rust interface to Tracy.
tracy-client needs some additional macros that encapsulate the common things that can block, such as Mutex and RwLock.

I'd file an issue at the tracy client repo.