Tp-Note news: Multilingual note-taking with linguistic heuristics (written in Rust)

Tp-Note's main design goal is to convert some input text - usually provided by the system's clipboard - into a Markdown note file, with a descriptive YAML header and meaningful filename. This blog post explains how to configure Tp-Note for multilingual note-taking. Consider the following note file example:

title:    Demokratie und Menschenbild
subtitle: Vorlesung
author:   Prof. Rainer Mausfeld
date:     2023-04-21
lang:     de-DE

Kognitionswissenschaftliche Einsichten in die Beschaffenheit des Menschen.

The YAML variable lang: indicates the natural language in which the note text is authored, here de-DE. This IETF language tag is useful when working with grammar and spell checkers. For example: when placed in last position, the grammar checker LanguageTool (LTEX) reads the variable lang: to activate the grammar and spelling rules for the indicated specific language (c.f. blog post). The recently released Tp-Note version 1.21.0 integrates linguistic analysis provided by the Lingua library. This new feature allows Tp-Note to determine automatically the natural language of new note files during their creation process.


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