TOS of this site seems not internally consistent

While of course the value of forwarding a question to ChatGPT and forwarding back the whole answer is so low that that's not acceptable (after all, where would that lead if there starts happening in all out threads?), I've personally found it a useful tool to enhance writing answers, and I've called it out in those cases both to be transparent and to encourage others to use it for similar purposes when writing answers.

For example I've found it useful to generate GraphViz visualizations, which would otherwise have been both too much effort and too hard due to me not being very familiar with its input format.

I've also found it useful just today for writing a longer straightforward relatively boilerplaty code example, whilst also being on a phone, so the would have definitely been to tedious by hand

In all these cases I didn't use it for generating natural language text or explanations though, and I wouldn't be sure yet whether (and if so when) there'd be situation where doing so would be useful to me without feeling somewhat wrong. Also for the code or graphs, of course I'd review (and if necessary reiterate by re-generating and adjusting) the content I've posted. I've also found ChatGPT being useful as a spell-checker and grammar checker that has no problem accepting replies verbatim including code and markdown, so I can proof-read my replies a little less rigorously w.r.t. typos, again a time saver.

On that note, I can imagine it to be useful with natural language writing, too, for people not so proficient with the English language. ChatGPT, especially for translating into English, can be a very capable translator; or it could give advice how to formulate things better, etc. In the case of using it as a translator or asking it for writing tips/feedback and incorporating those, it wouldn't even be necessary (or useful) to claim/mark at all that ChatGPT was involved, similar to how people typically won't claim that Google Translate was used, or a word was looked up in a dictionary, while writing.