Tool to show changelog relating to `cargo update`?

If I'm updating dependencies using cargo update, you get a big list of things like

Updating libc v0.2.97 -> v0.2.98
Updating lyon_geom v0.17.2 -> v0.17.4
Updating regex v1.4.6 -> v1.5.4

From this it is tedious to work out what exactly has changed and why. Currently I, well, ignore most of them, and manually search for the repo and read the changelog for anything more significant sounding. This is tedious but occasionally very useful as I might discover useful new additions to libraries.

Is there any tools which can do something like:

  • Ideally: show the changelog entries between the two versions
  • Or show a link to the changelog file, along side the "before/after versions"
  • At the very least, just show the page URL (or maybe the repo URL) for the changed crates

The closest thing I'm aware of is Github's dependabot shows pretty much this information in it's PR (for example), but is there a more standalone tool which can do this?

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