Tokyo, March 20th Multiplayer Bot Challenge


Hey there Crusty Rusters,

We decided to mix up the normal style of meetups we’ve been attending, and instead decided to write a multiplayer game. Sure… tokio-rs is cool, but have you seen tokyo-rs ?

The year is 2019, the city: yes, Tokyo. For one evening on March 20th, we’ll run the game server at our lovely community space and invite Tokyo Rustaceans to join the LAN, hack together a bot, and try to win points , yes, points . Points that will be on a scoreboard. A scoreboard projected to your peers, ranking your points to their points .

The tokyo helper crate will be released the day of event, beer will be on tap, game faces will be worn. You might even find a game flaw or two you can take advantage of for more points , if you dig enough.

We’re designing the game to be fun for both newbies and demigods, PM if you have any questions :).

We have limited space this time, so please register at We’re asking ¥1000 to cover food/drinks, but nobody is turned away for lack of funds. Just let me know and I’ll get you signed up.