Tokio-uring persistent kv store

Any persistent key/value store implementations that use the tokio-uring::fs::File or examples that one could be modeled after? The basic operations are read_at, write_at and sync.

Not exactly what you're asking, but so happens that I decided to give tokio-uring a try in my distributed log GitHub - rustshop/loglog: Distributed, fault tolerant, strongly consistent, performant (event)log in Rust

Note that after some work I can clearly see that this crate is very immature and more of a PoC at this point. There also doesn't seem to be a lot of dev action around it recently, AFAICT.
It is also very unergonomic to use due to having to pass these buffers around.

I am considering giving glommio - Rust a try instead, but that's mostly because I don't really need compatibility with rest of tokio ecosystem (I think).

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