#[tokio::main] breaks lsp-rename

#[tokio::main] seems to break lsp-rename for me. Specifically, I noticed that changing the name of a variable using lsp-rename does not propagate the name change to instances of the variable when the variable exists within a function decorated with #[tokio::main]. However, other functions not decorated as such continue to work just fine with lsp-rename.

For clarity, renaming foo to bar on line 3 will not change the foo on line 4:

async fn main() {
    let foo = "Hello";
    let baz = foo;

Is this a problem for others or just me?

The problem exists for me in VS Code with rust-analyzer v0.3.1277 and in emacs with rustic+lsp-mode using rust-analyzer compiled from source (rust-analyzer 0.0.0 (b8b1951ee 2022-11-07).

I'd check the rust-analyzer issue tracker for this. I've got a feeling this will already be reported somewhere because it'll come from the proc-macro implementation not tracking spans correctly, or not propagating that information through to assists like rename.

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