Tokio isn't starting tasks on all available cores

Hi all,

I have a two CPU socket server where both CPUs have 22 cores each (44 with HT). However, Tokio is only using 22 of the cores. Is there something special I need to set in Tokio to get it to use all the cores?


Have you tried manually setting the number of worker threads?

I haven't. Tokio's docs say that by default Tokio will start one core thread for each CPU core. That's why I'm wondering if there's something special about having a two CPU setup that Tokio can't handle by default.

I believe tokio still uses num_cpus. [1] You could check with that crate; perhaps it gets it wrong for your hardware. [2]

  1. As opposed to available_parallelism. ↩︎

  2. And/or perhaps available_parallelism does too. ↩︎

num_cpus works fine, both get and get_physical return the proper count.

Looking at this, the next things I'd check are the environment variables and the exact versions of tokio and num_cpus in your project.


What is the processor affinity of your process? Is it possible that it's just bound to a single socket?

CentOS 7 is the operating system.

This shows my lack of lower level understanding of things. Talking with my co-worker it does sound like its bound to a single socket. Now I need to figure out if letting the app run on all cpus will hurt or help.

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