Tokio doc push, we need you!

Hey all,

I got a DM asking why I didn’t advertise the Tokio doc push here. Mostly, I just forgot.

The announcement blog post is here and coordination is happening in the doc-push repository.

In short, I’ve heard your complaints loud and clear. Tokio is hard to learn. I believe that this is mostly due to a lack of documentation. Also, this is open source, so it is on the community to pitch in and help fix it :smile:

The doc push is all about trying to coordinate a community effort to improve the documentation. We want help from all, no matter the level of experience you might already have with Tokio. There is a lot to do besides just writing guides (though, I definitely hope to get some help there as well).

I hope to see you all take part of the doc push! I can also answer questions here, if you have any.