Threads + callbacks + [variable] does not live long enough

I'm trying to pass a string to a crossbeam channel that is called via a cross thread callback. apparently rust doesn't like this and throws an error. i probably can fix it using 'static but the text i'm not sure if that is the right way of doing it since i only want to move it to .send. any idea?

	use std::thread;
use std::time::Duration;
use crossbeam::channel::{unbounded, Sender};

type CallbackType = Box<dyn Fn(String) + Send + Sync + 'static>;

fn callback_container(callback: &CallbackType) {
	callback("Deep in thread".to_string());

fn relay(callback: CallbackType) {
	let mut planner = periodic::Planner::new();
		move || callback_container(&callback),

fn mycallback(text: String, sender: &Sender<&'static str>) {

fn main() {
	let (sender, receiver) = unbounded();
	let sender2 = sender.clone();
	thread::spawn(move || {
		sender2.send("level 1");
		relay(Box::new(move | text: String | mycallback(text, &sender2)));
	thread::spawn(move || {
		loop {
			println!("{}", receiver.recv().unwrap()); // Received immediately
	loop {
		thread::sleep(Duration::from_secs(2)); // block for two seconds

You should make the item type in the channel String instead of &'static str. The static string slice type can only be used with immutable global constants such as string literals.

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Thanks that did it

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