This Week in Rust editors' thread

Should mention the German forum in next edition.

This week’s edition is out:

@nasa42 this week I didn’t do any collection of RFCs and PRs myself and instead just included the entire subteam report to cover those subjects. If the teams continue producing useful information this may make TWiR easier to maintain.

Got an email:

Simon To: Subject:Rustaceans - Rust user groups Date: Wednesday, August 12, 2015 5:50 PM Size: 2 KB Hi TWIR! went live yesterday, and we were hoping to be included in next
week’s distribution :slight_smile:



Simon Flynn

The rustbyexample lifetime section rewrite just merged. It has needed updating for a long time.

I’m not sure where the next twir draft is so I didn’t modify anything.

You can always leave a note here or on
and I’ll add them to next issue. :slight_smile:

in issue 92 the link to @huon’s SIMD work in the compiler team report is incorrect (it was also incorrect in the original report in whichever forum post it was posted in).

Three things landed with Rust By Example last night:

  1. RBE now tracks stable Rust:
  2. I updated the configuration to use Travis’s new, faster, container-based infrastructure
  3. We used to only test against nightly, but with some refactoring, we test against all three now:
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Today’s edition is out. Thanks to @nasa42 again.

Let’s make sure eco gets mentioned next week (and in general that /r/rust_gamedev topics get attention). This tool looks important.

Here’s an event next week in Korea:

I have an idea for a ‘task of the week’. Team members often have important ideas that they don’t have time to work on, and these often just get lost. I figure if we surface one or two of these every week it might give contributors hints about what patches would be most lovingly received. I’m going to ping the team and see if anybody has ideas for next week.

Good idea. Do you want to make an open thread for suggestions or keep this within the core team?

@llogiq To start I want to privately solicit ideas from people on the various teams and see how the response is.

Edit: @llogiq But if you want to be the one to contact them and pull the ideas together that would be amazing. I’ve already started a private email thread this week but maybe next week.

Unzombifying this thread. I’m thinking of suggesting contributing to TWiR on the website. Are there more things that people can help with? Feature articles perhaps.

@nasa42 In addition to the subteam reports, will you consider linking to the weekly triage digest? These don’t get a lot of visibility.


Perhaps advertise the calendar more. For example, I didn’t see the German Rhein-Main-Area Meetup on Friday 13th there, and I’m not exactly sure how to submit it.

@llogiq for an event to appear on calendar, it needs to be emailed to @brson, which doesn’t seem optimal. Maybe we can start a thread of events so that everyone can add to it?

I like that idea.

@nasa42 That’s not quite true. Many people have access to the calendar. Basically, if you raise your hand, you can get access.

I can add events, too, for example. Maybe that should be better communicated.

The calender has the advantage for the community team to stay ahead of things happening on the other end of the world much better then with an unstructured thread.