This Week in Rust editors' thread

No offense but Rust 1.0 and Rust 1.1 both passed twir by without fanfare, balloons or even a marquee tag so remind me to help you next time there’s a rust release :smile:

6th issue from now I guess, should be about release 1.2. We’ll likely have
a new design by then. I’ll ensure new layout includes support for
emoticons, even if it used just for this very purpose. :slight_smile:

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Getting a late start on Today’s issue, but I just checked in the draft. I’ll start filling it in after lunch.

Would be nice to mention

@nasa42 finished this weeks twir already! Thanks a bunch!

If didn’t get in let’s mention it next week.

ugh it was finished almost a week ago already. We need to spread the good news!

Here’s an empty draft for Monday. I’ll start with pull requests and RFCs. Here’s my work in progress. cc @nasa42 @cmr.

OK, I’ve added PR’s and new contribs. Going to do RFCs next.

Edit: OK, I’ve merged my current WIP. This is probably all I’m going to finish today. If somebody could summarize the blogosphere that would be helpful.

@brson Already on it. Will PR shortly.
Also, noticed that was missed again, I’ll add it to “What’s cooking on nightly?” section. :slight_smile:

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Today’s issue is out! Thanks @nasa42 again for making it happen.


Here’s the draft for Monday: I’ll try to get the PRs and RFCs done tomorrow.

My WIP for Monday. I’ve done PRs and will finish RFCs next.

@brson I’ll fill-in the links including the ones I missed last week.

@nasa42 I’ve pushed FCPs and events to my wip. I’ll wait for you on the blog links and the qotw, then we’ll publish.

@brson already made a PR. :slight_smile:

Today’s edition is out!

Would job offers for rust programmers be something that could go into TWIR? Specifically student/assistant researcher jobs.

I think it’s a great idea. Maybe we can also start a new thread here “Job
Board” and TWiR can pick posts from there?

I started a draft for Monday and added upcoming events. Not sure how much else I’ll get done today.

Sorry guys, it’s been a very busy Monday. I’ll get TWiR next issue PR done
first thing tomorrow morning.