This Week in Conduit (Matrix Homeserver)

Conduit is a new implementation of a Matrix homeserver:

Matrix is a secure, private, decentralized, open source messaging platform. Check out and

This week I worked a bit on federation! Last week we were able to query room directories over federation; This week I looked into what's needed to join one of those rooms:

  • Resolve room aliases over federation
  • Send make_join request when a user tries to join an unknown room
  • Use make_join response to create send_join request (insert origin, origin_server_ts and add hashes and signatures)

After implementing all those things, I could actually see Conduit's join
event on Synapse!

Of course a lot more work is needed to make this really work,
like creating the room on the Conduit side and sending and receiving federation
transactions, but this is a start.

Other news:

  • Docker support (thanks to Weasy, Valkum and Paul)
  • Room upgrade support (almost done, thanks to Faelar)

Thanks to everyone who supports me on Liberapay or Bitcoin!


Thanks for your work I think this is great, can't wait to replace my Synapse Python juggernaut.
I have sent a donation.

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