Thinking of APM in Rust

Context: The HARMAN company built APM, a package manager that facilitates development of AIR Native Extensions (ANEs) but that does not currently facilitate the following:

  • Build ASDoc HTML documentation with an automatic command
    • Under the hood reads from asconfig.json and invokes the aasdoc command
    • Similiar to Cargo, publishes documentation online in a website (in the future, because this requires containers due to build scripts)
  • Build script
  • Workspace
  • Uses asconfigc as the build tool

asconfig.json is a file from the ActionScript & MXML Extension for Visual Studio Code that describes AIR resources and ActionScript compiler options. asconfigc is a command line tool for launching the Flex compiler and AIR SDK tasks using the asconfig.json file.

Build scripts are useful for building libraries that use background workers such as this cryptography library.

I'm thinking of trying to (re-?)write APM in Rust with Cargo in mind.

Do you have a question?

This looks more like you're just trying to advertize AIR again...


No question, but there are similiar topics about discussion regarding something, whther a framework, game dev... Any discussion is allowed as I undestand as long as it is Rust related (i.e. rewrite APM in Rust).

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