These weeks in Rust in Action (October 2017 progress update)


This month has been a busy one for the Rust in Action book. Many thanks to dozen or so people who sent reviews into Manning. They will all help to benefit future readers.


@timClicks, that’s great. Does that mean a new chapter will be available soon?


Yes, I believe so. I’m hoping to get the next chapter through to the editor over the weekend. Once that happens, the MEAP team takes a few days to prepare the manuscript.


Unfortunately, progress has been much slower than hoped over the weekend. I’ve been annotating the text with several diagrams. They’re extremely time consuming and I’m not yet ready to submit the chapter to the editorial team. Am very sorry about the delay, will push as hard as I can to get a product into your inbox that you’re thrilled with as fast as I can.


I have just submitted the next chapter to the editor. Sorry that it’s taken longer than I had hoped, I have included some extra material that I hope will be well received:

  • implementing a CPU in software
  • designing your own number format
  • extracting individual bits from bytes
  • deconstructing floating point
  • quite a lot more actually

Thanks for your patience. I hope that you’re enjoying the book!