There is a good 2D Graphics crate?


Hi, I’m searching a good 2D graphics crate.
The only request I have is to draw some circles and move it with an algorithm.
I don’t need user interaction at all.

I found piston-graphics (and conrod) but on my system, i have a problem with Mesa-17.3 so I can’t use it before the official release of Mesa-18. I have this problem with every graphics-related crate from the Piston framework.
I found even amethyst but I haven’t the ability to use a so sophisticated game engine… for only draw some circles around a canvas.

Someone know some good name for this type of crate?


If you are using Windows, I would recommend Direct2d. It is not a crate though. Simply several function calls


Linux, Windows is not even in the future targets


Something like Cairo maybe?


A window with some polygon moved by a code, nothing else


Well then, there’s this: :slight_smile: