Theory of disagreeing (aka To flame or not to flame)


Sure, and I’ve heard of sozu before. I didn’t list a whole bunch of
other projects that I think have some potential. But, I think you’ll
agree that sozu is not used nor known like nginx. I was specifically
saying we need “household” names.

Oh. I was assuming you were thinking about all the names, given I don’t
think ripgrep or Servo are really known outside of the rust/mozilla
circles (:’()

Sorry for misunderstanding you!


We are congruent there. My position is that a detractor should be given the benefit of the doubt - aka “innocent before proven guilty”. That is first of being misinformed, until they prove themselves to be rigid in thought.

Agreed. We have a bit of the: “which came first? The chicken or the egg?” Problem here. Come to think of it, a list of ideal problem areas where Rust can be applied to greatest benefit would be useful. The list should mention the reasons why an application in that area would result in greatest success. As time grows the success stories coming from that will become an increasingly powerful force for driving Rust adoption as mentioned.