Theoretical knowledge about libraries

Good day, i have following questions:
I want to create crate with organised libraries and binaries and so on... I had read Linkage in rust reference and some about using rlibs, but don't know:
How to open and manage them?
What does the layout of them, headers and so on... I saw sometimes in GitHub projects create additional files with only content like
Use first_crate::

Use so on....
As headers including only.
Also I want to manage with c++ libraries, with what tool i need to open .so, .dll, .a etc.?
Crt-static or other crt commands as i read needed to link from rust to c libraries or not? For what purposes some people create bin folders?
Also I would be grateful for some project examples , maybe about some numerical project(about chemical computation) and so on written on rust, thanks!)

Since you mention C code, I can recommend this article: Using C libraries in Rust: make a sys crate

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