The view of Wikidata on rust implemented software


Just for fun I just “asked” the Wikidata, which software (or actually anything in its database) is implemented using rust. I did this using the SparQL endpoint. There are not many results, and I did not manage to remove doubles. Still, this may be usable to both track the spread of rust, and also may help rustaceans to improve wikipedia / wikidata.

Here is the link (the query is url encoded). Hit the “Play Button” on the left to see the results.
Things that are implemented in Rust - SparQL query

Note that this query specifically asks for “implemented in”, not other rust-relationships. Though, it should be possible to query all relationships things have to rust. EDIT: Here is a query that lists all relationships wikidata items have to the rust language. I did not manage to get their labels, though. I’m not sure why.

What do you think? Would it be useful to track the spread like this? Any Ideas for other queries? Are “wikipedian rustaceans” present in here?

PS: I’m not a wikipedian but recently got an interest in SparQL and the semantic web. I recommend the “Learning SparQL” Book (Oreilly) in case you have also interest in this.


I wonder if more crate info can be fed to wikidata.

GitHub has over 8000 Rust repositories: and of course there’s all of


Good question. It would be helpful to have a wikipedian in place. I guess in the end it’s all a matter of whether what is interesting data to the Wikidata project.
I know that much of the data was initially “scraped” out of Wikipedia entries (the info boxes in some articles) in the beginning of Wikidata.The idea of Wikidata is (among other things) that you are able to write wikipedia articles with facts that can get i.e. updated by wikidata, and automate Infobox generation.

Note that SparQL/RDF can easily combine data sources. Assume that would offer according RDF data in some format, and you can access both, it would make the same to the query-creator as if wikidata included this information. But I guess there is no priority for that.

Anyway, I found it interesting to see how often/seldom rust is mentioned in the EN-Wikipedia / Wikidata. And I thought I’d share this for inspiration purposes :smiley: