The `tokio-mqtt` crate on



While looking for a tokio mqtt crate, I found that one exists on, but that it redirects on a basically empty github repository, while a more featureful github repo exists with true code inside.
No big deal for now, but I wonder how it will be resolved in the future (ha!) if the non-official crates keeps progressing while the “official” one stays dormant. Will there be a way to handoff a crate name ?
(Note: I haven’t contacted the respective authors and don’t know what their intentions are at all)


Yes, the current owner of the name can add a new owner to the crate on allowing them to push a replacement crate. Then if they’re no longer interested in it at all the new owner can remove the old owner.


Oh hi! I’m the creator of the tokio-mqtt repo with more features and stuff. Currently I’m working on finalising the last internal stuff and doing some testing. I’m hoping to open it up to help, so that we can improve it and make it better. I’m also going to talk to the person who has the “offical” crate and ask to be able to publish to it. Thanks for showing interest btw. I’m glad this library could be of some use. :slight_smile: