The results of the Rust survey 2016 are online!


Like the title says, here is the link


Is it just me that need to request permissions to see this?


I was able to read the document just an hour ago, now not anymore. What surprised me was that most developers said they were doing web development at work (in the chapter “what domains are you currently working in”?). Rust is not really for web development …


@emoon not just you. is there are more accessible way to publish this?


This was not intended to be made public yet.


Any idea when it will?


The guys here already read it: ;-).


It’s not super clear. The link was given out to a few people to ask for feedback on the draft, and then made it to IRC, which then got posted everywhere.

So like, sometime soon, but we hadn’t even gotten to the stage of “this is ready to be posted” let alone “when should we post it”


Timeline is soon, but yes, this is the internal editing draft for the rust-community team.

We generally don’t publish through google drive.

Also, reminder: you are free to look at the #rust-community channel, and we encourage you to do so, but be aware of the fact that you should most of the stuff there is in an unfinished, non-intended-for-publish state.


I’ve found the link on the hacker news front page.
If I had known that the survey was still a draft then I wouldn’t have shared the link here, sorry.


Once you decide to share the results fully, please share it so that it doesn’t require JS to view it, or at least not google. Thanks in either case.


That wasn’t aimed at you (or anyone, directly, as a matter of fact). Yeah, these news travel :).


As I wrote above, we generally don’t publish through google drive. The final statements will be on the blog, as usual.