The old C style syntax

Why does rust has the old C style syntax?
This is a new and exiting language, for new developers (like me) who code mostly on python but need speed and C, C++ is clunky and cumbersome.

I thought about one possible solution:
Build a new operator (like ':=' of something) for functions that functions that use this operator does not have curly brackets, doesn't have ';' and are returned with a Ret statement.

Does something like this possible?

This seems like a duplicate of your older post.


Could you please explain specifically which part of the syntax you dislike? After programming in quite a few different languages, I find that Rust's decisions around its syntax are one of the most intuitive and well designed. Personally, I really dislike Python's ident based scoping, especially with tab/space nightmare.


For Rust, that ship sailed many years ago. At this point, there's too much code that would break with any major syntax change.

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