The "New User Tutorial" is impossible to find

This forums loves to deluge me with "badges", so I see there apparently is a "New User Tutorial". Good luck finding it... So I see this which seems to be telling me to do this:

@discobot start tutorial


On a related topic, is the markup used here documented anywhere? There doesn't seem to be a documentation section for this forum at all!

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So I see that the tutorial link is the first thing that @discobot says when I joined the forum. Fair enough I guess, but soon forgotten...

Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

This is, in a relatively stock configuration.

I see that it seems to be fairly classic markdown, but there are so many subtle variations and I can never remember the extra features, it seems a shame there's no link to documentation. Ah well, not exactly a major problem!

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