The `libc` crate now lives in `rust-lang`

Good morning Rustlers! Yesterday the libs team decided that the libc crate will be promoted from the rust-lang-nursery organization to the rust-lang organization, and it now lives there!

The libc crate's current design is explained in RFC 1291, which is where it was also approved for inclusion into rust-lang. At the time we moved libc from 0.1 to 0.2 to get some experience, and we feel that it's now ready for 1.0, the threshold for moving to rust-lang.

Upgrading libc to 1.0 will likely be a widespread breaking change for now due to tools lacking on the Cargo front, so we're not going to pull that trigger just yet (libc will remain at 0.2 for now). Once the tooling is in place, however, we plan on moving the libc crate to 1.0!

We've gotten a ton of awesome PRs leading up to here, and please feel free to continue adding bindings to libc!


libc-pocalypse 2, electric boogaloo!

Joking aside, this is great news. Looking forward to seeing it stabilized.

I’m curious to see what this Cargo tooling will be like. I’m not looking forward to coordinating PRs in 53 repos again Update libc to 0.2 · Issue #8608 · servo/servo · GitHub.

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I can detail the tooling support that'll be in play for the upgrade to 1.0, but I'll hold off on that for now as we're still working on a few components here and there. But yes, the idea is to not have the same pain as last time.