The First Annual Underhanded Rust Contest

The Rust Community Team is pleased to announce the first annual Underhanded Rust Contest, inspired by the Underhanded C and Underhanded Crypto contests. Our goal with Rust is to make it easy to write trustworthy low-level software that is resistant to accidental security vulnerabilities. Less often challenged has been Rust's ability to protect against deliberate vulnerabilities in the face of scrutiny. This challenge is designed to put our language and the broader Rust ecosystem to the test, to help us learn where our blind spots are and what needs to be done to address them. In short, we want you to break our stuff using reasonable, easy-to-read code. Can you write 100% safe Rust that hides a logic bug, or hide an exploit in unsafe Rust that passes an audit? Now's your chance!

For more details, see the announcement of the project at


I get a 404 when I click the "" link on the blog.

@jethrogb: arg! I fixed it.