The bind crate to help cloning values into expressions( usually closures )

Why This Project

Sometimes we are forced to write some boring code like:

let foo2 = foo.clone();
let bar2 = *bar;
let baz2 = baz.to_owned();
let f = move |args| {
    // access to foo2, bar2 and baz2

It's quite annoying, messing up the source code and the readers can't focus on business logic.

Some crates have been published to dealing with this, and the bind crate is yet another one, inspired by crate enclose, which provides a convenient declarative macro.

Since crate bind is a proc_macro, it can do more than macro_rules.


let f = bind!( ( foo,*bar,baz.to_owned() )
    move |args| {
        // access to foo, bar and baz

Github repo

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