The big red "Latest" button on this forum now hangs forever

Has anyone noticed that the big red "Latest" button on this forum now plans the page and shows a spinner forever?

Apparently it fails to download a bunch of files.

Requires a page reload to get anywhere.

Interestingly nothing is logged in the browser console.

It's a little more complicated. If I click latest, spin. Unread then Latest, fine. Unread then Latest then upper-left-gear, spin.

Intermittent backend problem? Janky new release? I'm sure the maintainers will see this if nothing else and fix it soon.

Um, not forever.
I waited 5 minutes and now it answers in seconds.

And thanks for the heads up. I thought it was my connection.

It seems any navigation link that directs to the page you're already on hangs, not just latest. Going to Unread, then clicking unread again, will cause it for me. Clicking the rust gear while on latest, selecting any category (help, meta, etc.) twice in a row, and of course clicking latest while on latest will all hang

You are in a maze of twisty little passages, all alike.

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