That's current status of truck, the web bundler?

Since Yew recommended it GitHub - thedodd/trunk: Build, bundle & ship your Rust WASM application to the web. , I gave it a spin. Trunk is nice, at least better then my previous approach that combines Vite and wasm-pack. However the project looks.. the code has not been developed for months, and new PRs for bugfixes not merged. It doesn't seen like an abandoned project, the author is still active, in many other projects? Well, maybe I'm confused. Mac M1 users can't use stable version of trunk, and it has some boring bugs for serve command. Anyone got news? I'm using a forked version of trunk locally, at least I could by pass 3 boring bugs and it worked quite well at current.

Also I'm curious if there's another tool that could help people like me who write Rust and runs in browsers?


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